Evoke the good old college days with a foldable beer pong table

For just about any college student, part of the experience was drinking with friends on a Friday or Saturday night. Even after they leave college though, many young adults are still actively partying, or at the very least drinking with close friends from time to time. If you know someone who still embodies that college spirit in their social lives, then what better gift to give them than a foldable beer pong table?

For those who may not be as knowledgeable about the college scene, beer pong is a simple game in which a bunch of plastic cups, each with a small quantity of beer, are placed at two ends of a long table. Typically there are two teams, with players from each team taking turns trying to throw ping pong balls into the cups on the other end of the table. If they make a ball inside, the team on the opposite end needs to drink that cup and remove it from play, with the first team to get ping pong balls into all of the cups on the other end of the table to win.

Although it can be somewhat competitive, the point of beer pong is really to just help get everyone intoxicated in a fun way. You get to get in on the friendly competition with the team across from you, interact with other friends watching the game take place, all while getting drunk in the process. It is a win-win and an absolute staple on college campuses around the country. But just because you leave college, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end.

Despite finally making it to the real world with a real job, odds are that most new college graduates are still in their college phase to some extent. If they got their job in the same place that they graduated from college, then it is very likely that they are still close to a lot of their college classmates. And even if they go back home after college, they just as likely will have plenty of high school friends returning from college as well. And while drinking wine at the dining table can feel like the adult thing to do, there is nothing wrong with playing a classic game of beer pong for old time’s sake.

And that is where the beer pong table comes into play. Specifically designed with the exact width and length to play beer pong on, plus markers to help indicate where the cups should go, these tables are the perfect way to play beer pong without ruining your other tables inside the house (since beer will very often splash out of the cup, which can make real sticky mess). And because it is foldable, you can easily store it away when you are not using it.

Whether you know someone who was an avid beer pong player in college, or just someone who enjoys drinking and socializing with friends in general, you cannot go wrong with a foldable beer pong table as a gift. It is the perfect way to either relive your glory days from college, or to just change things up the next time you have a party or small get-together with friends. One thing’s for sure though – either way, it’ll be a lot of fun for them and all of their guests!